Mobile App Development


Android Application

Android, an OS by Google, has turned out to be the favourite of both the developers and the consumers, due to its unmatched flexibility. It even boosts an assortment of features that very much enhances the smart phone using experience for a user. It has flabbergasted the world with its awe-inspiring success in mobile applications industry, and as per the latest trend android will have maximum market-share in next few years. An application created using Android is extremely dependable and full-bodied if weighed against other platforms.

At Bliss IT Solutions, our Android app development team is trained at developing applications for Android Devices including tablets, phones and phablets. We optimize the blueprint of the application based on the requirements of the clients. Our lineup of product managers and employees will work with you from the basics like conceptualization of the application to the specialization part, such as its deployment on the app store of your choice. We will help you assemble an Android application that is scalable and stout, and designed with a UI that challenges the best apps in the market.

Whether you are looking for an app that will augment the efficiency of your organization, employees, or a multimedia based app that amasses content and streams it to your users, or even a contest based application for you to intermingle with customers in your store, we can help you craft a solution that will give your customers an avant-garde experience.

We at Bliss IT Solutions have all the requisite developer tools in order to create, test and debug such apps. Technology used by us includes the Android SDK, Location-based Service APIs, and Media APIs, security architecture, Wi-Fi APIs, OpenGL and 3D graphics, for providing our clients with the best experience. We field only a superlative team of experienced developers, fully competent to take your ideas and transform them to reality in record time. Our indigenous Android apps are attuned with practically every Android Smart phone, as well as Kindles, and can also be available in the Google Play marketplace.

IPhone Application

Design is a mixed discipline of information-development for media intermission to communicate with people. However, the ultimate aim of creating an application for your business is to dwell around a solution to specific customer problems and providing users with new & improved services. As iPhone platform is much more popular amongst enthusiast users, the usability point of iPhone application should be the main matter for developing an iPhone Application story board which describes the app flow and the desired user interaction. iPhone Application Development is the new beckon of the upcoming future in the world of technology; and while you perhaps have plethora of ‘apps’ on your phone, you may be speculating as to how to put iPhone Application Development to work for you and your commerce.

At Bliss IT Solutions, we have adequate experience and are technically sound about concepts related to Mobile Application Designing and Development. We have been helping customers reach their business targets in the Mobile Application Market for quite a while now. We proffer Product Development for the Mobile Applications geared up for Apple’s AppStore, applications for the integration in your mobile business stream and even applications to perk up employee competence & aid services in your business. We help organizations with every facet of iPhone App Development, from strategy commencement to Mobile UI Design, Development and getting your mobile iPhone app live in the App Store. The apps we develop & design are innovative, functional, game-changing, beautiful and most of all-USEFUL.

We can assist you in building up apps that will facilitate you and your employees carry out their trade; doing everything from putting together their agendas and their journey plans to writing and reading significant commerce documents. Also apps designed by us will help you in keeping track of organization stocks and bonds. We completely comprehend the fundamental role that iPhone Application Development plays in today’s commercial marketplace–and, for that matter, how imperative it is for your company.